The Nature of Design by Suzanne is botanical art, also known as pressed floral art, available as decorative prints and decorative tiles.  

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Part 1, Chapter 1 

Why We Need Flowers In Our Lives

Since time began, human beings have depended on the plants around us to provide food, clothing, shelter, medicine and oxygen. Now, research is increasingly revealing that plants and flowers can also contribute to better physical, mental and emotional health.

Think about it. When you enter a room filled with flowers, how do you feel? Do the words "pleasure", "contentment", "satisfaction", and "comfort" describe the effect that flowers have on you? For 98% of the population, they do!

In fact, just the presence of a beautiful floral arrangement can brighten your mood, relieve tension, and even change the course of your day.

Increasingly, the scientific and medical communities are presenting surprising research revealing the many ways plants and flowers can affect our health and happiness.

The Gift of Oshibana

For centuries, the Japanese have given special attention to the flowers and plants around them, honoring the earth source that connects all living things. But the Japanese went even further. They created Oshibana, the art and craft of pressing flowers to retain the benefits and beauty of the living plant. Such pressings are called "pressed flower art". Over the centuries, enthusiasm for this craft has spread from Japan to Victorian England, through Europe, and now, to the United States.

Today, Oshibana offers us even more than simply retaining the beauty and grace of living flowers. By working with pressed flowers to create enduring designs, we are stimulating the memory of our connection to nature. And when this occurs, the benefits are impressive.

Modern research has begun to reveal that when the nervous system is stimulated by creative expression, such as working with flowers to create works of art, our life force, or energy, begins to flow more easily through us. Oshibana is a powerful means of opening up these channels of energy and promoting an enhanced state of health and well-being.



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