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The Nature of Design(TM) by Suzanne


Each design is created with the specific
 intention of connecting people to the
beauty of the natural world around them.
Read about the healing power of flowers

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floral prints

furniture decals

flower designs

flower prints

flower arrangements

botanical art

floral designs

floral art cards

healing art

floral designs

floral art cards

healing art

botanical prints

antique botanical prints

botanical art cards

horticulture art

botanical art prints

floral art prints

furniture decal

pen & ink illustration

botanical art print

floral art decal

floral art decals

floral art graphic

floral art graphics

Pressed Flowers

 Floral Design

Botanical Design

Art & Nature

floral art print

Healing Heart

Spirit Art

Cape Cod Art


horticulture print

Decorative Tiles




horticulture prints

flowers and healing

vibration healing

spirit healing


emotional healing

Copyright 2001-2008 Suzanne Faith. All Rights Reserved.
47 Great Western Road, South Yarmouth, MA 02664, USA
508.760.4771 | suzanne@natureofdesign.com

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